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• We are a 35 Year old company with our Centre of Distribution for North America in Vancouver, BC, Canada and our Manufacturing Plant conveniently spotted in central Mexico, nested in one of the main industrial Automotive Centres of the country.

 •We have been leaders since 1986, manufacturing autocare products like Car Covers, Automotive Nose Masks, Re-Usable Vehicle Protections, Wheel Key Bags etc. for the Mexican, American and Canadian Markets.

 •Wide experience exporting and distributing our Products to the USA and Canada since 1995.

•Our more than 3000 satisfied and loyal clients will talk for us.

 •Our most important goal in any business relationship is to make it a long term one, this is why we have been very active in the most demanding markets of export and the automotive industry.

 •The full satisfaction of our customers is our priority, for which we will always respond with professionalism, commitment, quality and service.

 •We continue to expand our direct sales operation in North America with the same business philosophy we’ve had since the beginning: the best quality and service at competitive prices.

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