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Interior del coche


Paper or thin cardboard floor mats slip and move when stepped on, causing the technician to leave stains on the vehicle's original floor mat or carpet. Our non-disposable Protective Mat Cover is made of water-proof vinyl and non-slip foam on the back.

The dirty footwear of the technician who performs the service brings with it grease, oil, dirt, etc. that stick to the car's original mat or carpet. In rainy weather this problem worsens.


​ Once again, the environmental impact from disposable paper or  adhesive films is big, by substituting their use we contribute to protect the environment.


This Mat Cover can be easily cleaned and is ready to be used multiple times.

Improve the image of your company with your brand logo, data or slogan printed on these much more aesthetic mats.

AUTOCAP Protective Mat Covers are not disposable and their size fits practically all vehicles. Any other plastic disposables or film for the carpet, at the end of the day, become garbage that still has to be dealt with to dispose of it.

Don't forget the BIG savings with this reusable option that replaces multiple disposable orders throughout the year.

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