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Parallel Lines


We have the same situation of disposable plastic for the steering wheel. It is another problem of garbage generation every day.

We can print your company's logo or slogan on our disk-type model, leaving your advertising in a highly visible and aesthetic space.


We have the donut style for when you need access to the steering wheel buttons.

Parallel Lines

Universal Steering Wheel Cover.

Protects steering wheel while working on the car.

Elasticized on both sides for easy application and removal.

Technicians can leave dirty marks behind during service. 

These one-size-fits-all re-usable steering wheel protectors will prevent that from happening while your customers' car is in your workshop.

Parallel Lines

Cover Color:  Silver.  


Cover Material:  Long lasting laminated Vinyl with Gentle Polyester Plush Backing (Slip Resistant). 


Quantity: 5 pieces package.

Parallel Lines

Benefits: This one-size-fits-all reusable steering wheel protector will prevent dirty marks.

Elasticized on both sides for easy application and removal.

Completely reusable and can be cleaned or wiped after use.

Significant cost savings vs. disposable plastic covers.

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